About the artist


Some may cast Floyd Douglas as a new age digital artist – while beneath the surface there is a much deeper slightly sinister message. Initially inspired by merging conventional colorful pop art and a clear focus on the city landscape, Floyd has evolved over the years to tackle bolder statements. Challenging viewers to reconsider their relationship to the authoritarian icons in our lives. Our deep and ill rooted fascination to the financial constructs, to deviant icons, to the drudges of city life and everything in between. Floyd Douglas has mastered his story line and is an open book.

In today’s world, the entire concept of collective connectivity is so blatantly evident to us all – yet most choose to turn a blind eye. A butterfly flaps its wings in Tokyo that turns the tides in Patagonia. I dedicate my being, ensuring I maintain an open heart and an open mind to the rupture in our connected fibre. Only by casting the light of consciousness will we be free and synchronised.


His technique is unique and the product of decades of discovery. He cleverly manipulates the traditional canvas into the eps and flows of his three dimensional shapes, which relentlessly entertains his audience. Through his eclectic use of movement in form he manages to bring across his bold hard hitting statements as if they were whispered. By doing so he rather invites his audiences to listen, to reflect and finally – to respond.

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