100 Dollars

Material: Handcrafted Acrylic, Mixed technique and moulding compositions
Format: 110 x 220 (custom sizes available on request)

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The Dollar Collection

“The ALL mighty dollar or the root of ALL evil. This dynamic and fluid piece by Floyd Douglas poses questions around the efficacy of the power money has on our lives. The love hate relationship between the world renowned portrait of George Washington and our desire to rip, tear and crush the whole financial system apart. Despite this sentiment, this piece captures your undivided attention through its use of fluid form. Derived from Floyd’s earlier work on the American Express, this piece is lined with swarovski diamonds and each piece is unique in its design and creation.”


The Candy Wrappers

“The series magazines investigates our relationship with some of our most iconic figures. From the greatest of all time – to the king – to the Don. Each one in their own right has been a sourCe of our fascination. Through compelling means of material and image distortion Floyd once again, challenges our view points. Maybe the greats have a dark side, narcissist, addicts and killers hold the frame. Their icon juxtaposed against their distortion. By doing so, we should questions and accept our own distortion to see the full picture of who we are. ”